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What we do

Development of websites and web design Logo and corporate style design

We create medical websites

that effectively promote your medical business

Development of converting websites
  • Fixed pages width
  • Website structure with convenient navigation
  • Homepage
  • Landing pages for services (gynecology, proctology, urology, dermatology, ultrasonography, gastroenterology, endocrinology etc.)
  • Website sections ("Doctors", "Questions/FAQ”, "Price List" etc.)
  • Qualified content
  • Form of visit registry
  • "Question to a doctor" form
from $1500
Website + mobile version
  • Separate domain for mobile version
  • Optimal size of the buttons and links for insert
  • Simplified website structure for browsing from mobile phone
  • Special layout for comfortable browsing even on screens with a small resolution
from $2000
Adaptive website
  • Unified URL (During input of web address pages adapt to devise)
  • Special layout (Comfortable browsing from all devises with different screen resolutions)

Adaptive website is a web-design technology applicable in website development for appropriate layout on any screen: from desktop to smartphone.

Development of adaptive websites provides qualified communication with a potential customer and increases profitability of the website.

from $2500

Cost of development includes:

  • pages prototyping
  • design
  • coding
  • website testing
  • processing of photos
  • filling with content
  • creation of YouTube channel
  • Facebook and Google+ pages

Stages of work:

  • Collection of the information
    Clarification of business targets, clinics peculiarities, utilized methods of treatment. Defining of the target auditorium. Competitor analysis.
  • Prototyping
    Drawing of all pages by means of block schemes, navigation elements (is made in specialized program Balsamiq) taking into account targets of your medical business and website.
  • Interface development
    Our designers create individual layout for each devise, taking into account specialties of different screen resolutions and their usage patterns.
  • Layout and programming
    To reach the most accurate page display we use special layout that corresponds demands of W3C. To realize conceived functioning project goes to the stage of DRUPAL programming.
  • Testing and startup of the project
    On this stage we make an accurate check of the layout to be appropriate in each browser customer might use. All inaccuracies are detected and improved after that website is stuffed with content and can be run on the Internet.

Tell us about your medical project

Branding identity

You will never get a second chance to make first impression

Logo and corporate style are the most effective marketing tools of the company. Those permit not only to underline company’s style but to mark it out among competitors and works as teambuilding for the company.

Designers of Medmarketing have realized more than 50 successful projects of logo and corporate style development.

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • booklets
  • envelopes
  • wallpapers for devices

Also our team can develop other elements
of your branding identity

Logo is a specifically developed graphic image of the company that permits to mark out among competitors. It can be image of company name or character showing company’s field of activity and its peculiarities.

Logo purposes:

  • Increase of recognizability and
    confidence level of the brand
  • Creation of positive image of the goods
    or services provided in customer’s mind

How it works:

  • Brief filling
    Information about your competitors, information about you target audience, brand idea
  • Forming of the idea
    On the basis of brief information we think through the forming process and all the following work stages.
  • Development of a few conceptions
    We develop a few graphical solutions and present them to customer for final choice to be made.
  • Development of the chosen conception
    On this stage we process chosen conception of the logo, particularly drawing it in, taking into account color layout and the fact that logo shall be used on different data carriers.
  • Provision of sources
    Final stage – provision of sources to a customer for use of developed elements of corporate style on different data carriers: souvenirs, advertising materials, documents, business cards.

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Simple reasons

why you need to work with us

  • More than 7 years of experience in website development and medical internet marketing area
  • We pay careful attention to smallest details and we are perfectionists
  • In work we use individual and creative approach, taking into account peculiarities of
    you business – no templates
  • Our main purpose is to be effective. Website is not only a nice picture but has to bring in
  • We are familiar with medical area and customers’ needs in this area
  • More than 100 of successful projects for our customers in medical area
  • Team of professionals that have a good grip of medicine and internet marketing
  • Company which brought more than 20100 patients to their customers